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Vendora Nordic distribute products to: Sweden - Denmark - Norway - Finland - Iceland - Estonia - Latvia - Lithuania


Where amazing and indispensable products come together!


When the economic crisis was at its worst in 2008, the recession pounded companies and entrepreneurs relentlessly. The business climate was harsher than it had been for a very long time. However, we defied the economic crisis, rolled up our sleeves and started a distribution company called Vendora Nordic AB.


What gave us courage? Well, we had managed to obtain exclusivity in the Swedish market for one of the world's coolest brands - Bluelounge. We knew that with products like CableBox, CableDrops and The Sanctuary, we couldn't go wrong. So indeed - we can now look back on an incredible performance with a steadily growing portfolio of brands, retailers and markets. We currently have exclusive distribution rights for nearly all of our brands in the whole of Scandinavia and the Baltic Countries.


 Vendora has chosen to specialize in stylish, smart and practical products that can quickly solve those annoying everyday problems. Our products are not only good looking, or just smart; they have to be both! The range spans over a wide array of products of different styles - from accessories for iPhone, iPad, Andriod to smart gadgets for all homes. We dare say that we have something that should fit in almost any store, regardless of the target audience.


However, what would we be without you, our resellers? Your confidence in us is imperative. Therefore, we aim not only to always deliver the best products, but also to offer the best possible service. For example; we have created one of the most advanced webshops for our dealers. We usually provide next day delivery of the full range, and we have efficient customer support. It is in our interest that our dealers are updated, which is why we have a video channel where we present our products and brands.


Our goal is that our customers perceive us as a distributor that:

• Delivers relevant and easy to sell, high-quality products.

• ALWAYS finds a solution to the problems that may arise.

• Works actively with marketing, and PR for your particular store.

• Has one of the most advanced reseller-webshops.

• Continuously offers new exclusive products and brands.


 We thank you for reading, and we hope you want to become a reseller of our products!

Andreas Höynälä
CEO / Owner / Founder


How can we help?

Andreas Höynälä

CEO / Owner / Founder

+46 706 90 30 45

Kenneth Nordby

Sales Manager

+45 538 067 97

Kristian Lysdal


+45 275 168 98

Thomas Söderberg

Brand Manager

+46 70 217 95 68

Janina Zalite


+37 122 08 49 16

Martin Klinthøj


+45 53 55 60 70

Håkan Hedin


+46 73 546 59 46 

David Bjärne


Alexander Dahlman


+46 70 921 68 23

Viktoria Zajauskaite

Logistic Manager

+46 540 70 60

Joan Bergström

+46 73 669 3727

Jurgita Judeikiene


+46 540 70 60

Reda Kvindt


+46 540 70 60

Christina Johansson

Customer Service

+46 46 540 70 60

Viktorija Stulpiniene

Finance Manager

+46 540 70 60


We're always looking to expand our team.



All prices are exclusive of VAT and shipping. For current prices please refer to our continuously updated website:



Vendora leaves 12 month warranty for our standard product range, where applicable. The warranty period starts from the date of invoice.



Vendora applies a transparent pricing where quantity discounts are given at certain quantities - gradations - listed in our webshop.



The flat-rate price for delivery to Denmark, Norway, Finland and The Baltic Region is SEK 199 per order, (SEK 99 excluding VAT per order in Sweden). We ship with SCHENKER parcel, Posten, FedEx and DHL. We also offer delivery directly to customers, so called drop shipment, for which there will be an extra charge of SEK 75 throughout Scandinavia and The Baltics. Read more about this at the checkout in our reseller webshop.



Credit approved customers receive an invoice due for payment within 14-30 days.Customers which for some reason are not approved for credit pay in advance / credit card.


Back Order

Back orders are normally delivered free of charge.


Handling of defective products

All products that are returned must be accompanied by an RMA number for which you apply by calling our customer service on 046-540 70 60. The RMA number is valid up to 30 days after it has been issued.


Goods arriving Vendora unmarked, without a valid RMA number, or that do not comply with stated RMA number will be returned to the sender without further action. Return Shipping will be charged the sender.


If a product is returned to Vendora and it does not show the errors stated you will be charged with a fee of SEK 350 and cost for return shipping.


Vendora reserves the right to determine whether a returned product will be repaired, replaced by an equivalent product or credited (this will occur if the product is discontinued and there is no appropriate substitute).


The issuing of an RMA number does not automatically mean that Vendora has decided that the product will be deemed defective.



Transport damages must be addressed directly to the carrier.



Vendora does not take responsibility for any print errors on our website or in other publications issued by us.