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Frequently asked questions

Welcome to our FAQ section. Here, you'll find key information about our pricing, excluding VAT and shipping costs, as well as our policy on price adjustments due to market changes. Learn about our 12-month warranty, bulk purchase discounts, and our various delivery methods. We provide clarity on order issues, return processes, and our reselling policies. Also, get familiar with the payment options we offer for your convenience. This concise guide aims to answer your queries quickly and efficiently.

Do the prices listed on the Vendora Nordic AB website include VAT and shipping costs?

A: No, all prices listed on the website exclude VAT and shipping costs. To get the most current product prices, please visit the website.


Does Vendora Nordic AB reserve the right to change its prices?

A: Yes, Vendora Nordic AS reserves the right to change its prices due to changes in exchange rates or changes in the world market.


What kind of warranty does Vendora Nordic AB offer on their products?

A: Vendora Nordic AB offers a 12-month warranty on their regular product range, which begins on the invoice date.


How can I make a warranty claim?

A: Any warranty claims must be made within the 12-month warranty period and should be made by contacting Vendora Nordic AB.

Does Vendora Nordic AB offer discounts for larger orders?

A: Yes, Vendora Nordic AB applies transparent pricing where quantity discounts are given in fixed steps, specified on their webshop.


What delivery methods does Vendora Nordic AB offer?

A: Vendora Nordic AB offers delivery through Schenker Parcel, DHL, and UPS at a fixed price of 18 EUR excl. VAT per order. Free shipping is offered for orders over 700 EUR.


Q: How long does delivery take on average?

A: Delivery time takes between 2-4 working days on average.


Q: Who should I contact if there are issues with my delivery?

A: Any issues related to missing or damaged packages should be addressed to the carrier (DHL, Schenker, or UPS) for resolution.


Q: What should I do if there are discrepancies in the contents of my delivery?

A: If there are discrepancies in the contents of the products, please immediately contact


Q: What should I do if there is transportation damage to my delivery?

A: Upon receiving your delivery, inspect the products thoroughly and immediately report any damages incurred during transportation to the carrier. If any damages are discovered during delivery, they should be reported immediately, and if any hidden damages are discovered later, they should be reported within 14 days.


Q: What happens if an item in my order is out of stock?

A: If an item in your order is out of stock, it will be placed on backorder and shipped to you at no additional shipping cost as soon as it becomes available.


Q: What payment options are available?

A: Vendora Nordic AS offers the option to pay via invoice for credit-approved customers and the option to pay by 3D-secure credit card payments (VISA, Mastercard, and Paypal) for non-credit-approved customers.


Q: What should I do if there is an error on my invoice?

A: We must be notified of any errors, inaccuracies, or discrepancies within 14 days of receipt of the invoice. All invoice errors should be reported to


Q: How do I return a defective product?

A: All products returned must be provided with an RMA number, which you can apply for via email to


Q: What should I do if I want to return a product?

A: In the event of an agreed return, the condition of the returned product must be as good as new, and the product should be returned with its original packaging and all accessories and documentation.


Q: Can I sell Vendora Nordic AB products through marketplaces without their approval?

A: No, you are not allowed to sell Vendora Nordic AB products via any marketplace, such as Amazon, Fyndiq, CDON, etc., without their written approval.

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